Sale, family-house lot, 1 060 m2, Bratislava - Devínska Nová Ves, Lokalita DNV POD RAKYTOU 329 000.00 EUR suggest a price

Building land for sale in Bratislava - Devínska Nová Ves

Building land for sale in Bratislava - Devínska Nová Ves For sale building land for a family house in DNV - BA, size 1060 m2, width 21 m. Possibility to divide into 2 building plots. The land is located in the newly emerging locality Pod Rakytou. According to the UPI, the plot is intended for small-storey residential area code 102 D- development area used for housing in family houses and apartment buildings up to 4 floors. All IS will be in the locality. The land is located in a quiet area with beautiful views of Devínska Kobyla and the Little Carpathians. In the area through which the Rakyta watercourse passes, we plan to build peaceful housing for young families, which will provide plenty of greenery, playgrounds for children and a pleasant space for communities. The location is very attractive due to its accessibility. It is located near the train station, which covers the direction of Vienna, but also the direction of Bratislava main station. It is the train transport that makes Devínská Nová Ves an easily accessible district in the countryside with the character of a quiet life in the village. Several hiking trails connect to the area around the project. A popular route is the cycle route feeding on Cyklomost Slobody leading to the Austrian Schlosshof castle.

  • Price 329 000.00 EUR suggest a price
  • Submitted 5/9/2022
  • Offer no. AR-028K-000143
  • Cadastral subdivision DEVINSKA NOVA VES
  • Location Lokalita DNV POD RAKYTOU


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