Sale, middle operational facility, 20 501 m2, Budmerice, Budmerice-lokalite Biely vŕšok, priemyselná zóna 2 650 000.00 EUR suggest a price

We will sell an operating area in Budmericie, with a production hall, a warehouse, floor area 1605m2, land 20501m2,

We will sell an operational area in Budmericie, with a production hall, a warehouse and an administrative building, with a plot of land of 20,501 m2, with the possibility of expanding the current built-up area. The complex is located outside the built-up area of Budmerice, in the Biely vršok area, in an industrial zone. Not far from Budmerice castle. Distance from BA 39km by highway / 35min, from Trnava 13km, from Pezinok 13km. Railway transport is in Cífer and Trnava. Dubová airport is located not far from the area of the administrative building with the hall. Access to the building is via an asphalt road from the main road, via a remote-openable entrance gate. Approval in 1999. In the front part of the property there is an administrative building with 2 floors, with an entrance hall, a gatehouse, with a dining room and facilities for employees, including changing rooms (separate for women and separate for men), warehouses and a boiler room. From these premises, the hallway leads to the hall, with an area of 864m2. Dimensions of the hall - 48x18m. The entrance to the hall for cars is a separate gate. The height of the ceiling of the hall is 4.25 m, in the part of the skylights 6.22 m, behind the lintels 5.52 m. The total area of the ground floor is 1396m2. 2 ground floors of an administrative building with an area of 209m2 consist of offices, grounds and 2 terraces (each with an area of 54m2), with a nice view of the surrounding countryside. The paved area with an area of 1176 m2 consists of a road and a parking area for several motor vehicles (trucks or cars). Built-in connections - water supply, electricity (own substation), security with camera system, internet. There is a 10m deep well on the property, it is used for watering the grass area of the area, with irrigation. Sewerage is provided by a concrete sump with a volume of 50m3. The building is excellently maintained, to an excellent high standard. For the future owner, unlimited space is created with excellent possibilities of use, for production and the headquarters of the company. Property available asap.

  • Price 2 650 000.00 EUR suggest a price
  • Submitted 3/4/2024
  • Offer no. AR-028K-000150
  • Cadastral subdivision BUDMERICE
  • Location Budmerice-lokalite Biely vŕšok, priemyselná zóna
  • Total surface of the lot 20500 m2
  • Build-up area 1080 m2
  • Total floor surface 1271 m2
  • Year of construction 1999
  • Year of last reconstruction 2014
  • Expansion possibilities Expansion possible
  • Present operation Partly in operation
  • Form of ownership Company


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